Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)

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What does Cobra Pose do?

To prevent the negative effects of bending down your shoulders and slouching, try the cobra pose.
The muscles that support your head and neck can be made stronger and the spine can be stretched.
All of these might result in improved posture.

Cobra pose is a classic yoga pose (asana) that may be found in every handbook, as well as in every yoga school and series.
A cobra is a “opening of the heart” pose.

Yoga pose - Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)

Step by step instruction

  1.  Lie on the floor with your palms under your shoulders, forehead on the mat, with your legs outstretched and your feet and elbows joined to your body.
  2.  Press the upper side of the foot, thighs, and pubic bone firmly to the floor.
  3. With the inhale, lift the upper part of the body, but only as long as your pubic bone is on the ground. Press the tail vertebra towards the pubic bone. Gather your hips and tighten your thighs-but without cramps.
  4. Tighten the blades by pushing the side ribs and sternum forward. Stretch the back of the back evenly along the entire spine.
  5. Hold the pose for a few minutes while breathing and get out of the pose with an exhale.
  6. Rest in the Children’s Pose (Balasana).

Tips for beginners

Don’t overdo the twisting backwards. Find a height at which you can hold your position comfortably. Raise your arms off the floor for an hour to check how high you can keep your back muscles.

Cobra pose Benefits

It strengthens the spine and soothes sciatica. It stretches the chest and lungs, shoulders and abdomen, and strengthens the thighs. It stimulates the internal (abdominal) organs, especially the kidneys and liver. It helps relieve stress and fatigue. It opens the heart and lungs. Traditional texts say that it increases body fire, destroys diseases and awakens the Kundalini.

Contraindications, warnings and precautions:

  • Lower back injury
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome Headache
  • The position is not for pregnant women

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