Discover yoga, an ancient treatment for modern-day stress.

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What do Madonna and the Beatles have in common

What binds them together, aside from promoting happy emotions through music, is their previously enthusiastic encouragement of yoga practice. Yoga, which was once considered a fad among the hippy age in the Western world, yoga is now becoming a part of the lives of the most diverse groups of people. Modern man’s daily routine is faster than it has ever been. As a result, it’s no surprise that stress is a growing problem in our time, one that’s starting to present itself in alarmingly serious physical and mental health issues.

38 benefits of yoga

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A mystical discipline or a practical way to improve the quality of life?

The age of the beginnings of yoga is estimated at about 4000 years, and during this long period this discipline, with its spread from India to the west, branched out into numerous systems. Some of them prefer meditation, others breathing, and  others physical exercises.

People nowadays practice yoga for a variety of reasons.
Someone wants to improve their body’s flexibility and vitality or get rid of pain.
Someone wants to investigate the depths of their own awareness in the solitude of meditation, while someone else wants to rest their mind from everyday anxieties.

Hatha yoga is likely the most well-known in the West.
It emphasizes exercises that entail a range of precise yoga poses that stretch and strengthen the entire body, as well as assist build a sense of balance and flexibility, bodily awareness, and mental concentration.
Pranayama – breathing techniques that help increase energy levels, relax the mind, and balance numerous bodily systems – is also very important.

Furthermore, meditation, which has been recognized and practiced as a technique from the beginning of time and is an inherent part of all religions and cultures on Earth, is becoming an integral part of modern man, who is burdened with rising commitments and anxiety.
Meditation’s good effect on our mind and body allows us to broaden our perceptions and operate more effectively in everyday life.
Many celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey, Hugh Jackman, Richard Gere, Tina Turner, and others, have popularized, practiced, and supported meditation.

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Who can practice Yoga?

Yoga is a spiritual discipline because it combines the body, mind, and spirit, but it does not require a person to modify their spiritual views in order to practice it.

Yoga’s purpose is to bring the mind and body back to a naturally relaxed and conscious condition.
Young and old individuals, the sick and the healthy, and members of any faith community can all benefit from yoga.

Yoga has a great impact on youngsters as well.
Children’s age-appropriate exercises help them acquire awareness of their own bodies via play, motivate them to be physically active, and enable them to maintain their physical and mental health from a young age.

This kind exercise  is also recommended for young people ( adolescence), when their bodies and minds are undergoing significant changes.
Yoga can assist girls and boys in becoming calmer and healthier, as well as developing self-confidence and improving concentration and retention of difficult educational material.

Harmony of mind and body is reawakened.

Despite the fact that a wealth of yoga knowledge is now available online and in several publications, all techniques, particularly the more difficult ones, should be performed under professional supervision and within your present limits.

Modern man finds it difficult to escape the harsh pressures that come with everyday existence.
Still, it is possible to create harmony by routinely withdrawing attention from the outside, noisy, and fast-paced world and turning to our body and inner quieter levels, which we may then learn to transfer to the rest of the day and the activities that lie ahead of us.

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