Vinyasa Yoga: ideal for those who do not have too much time

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What is Vinyasa Yoga?

With the arrival of fall, the holiday season for most of us comes to a close with a carefree period during which we recover our batteries for the approaching season.
Numerous responsibilities and business obstacles are about to begin, resulting in an increase in stress. Consider Vinyasa flow yoga, which is ideal for all (pre)employed persons, to get rid of it and keep your body in top shape and health.Unlike Hatha yoga, Vinyasa is a dynamic style of yoga in which the poses (asanas) are linked and hence flow into one whole.

Vinyasa is derived from Ashtanga, which is the foundation for all other yoga systems. It is simply gentler in some ways. The hour of exercise can be impulsive and focused on power, which is Power Vinyasa, or more like a dance-Vinyasa flow, depending on the structure of the clock, i.e. the group. Individual demands can always be met in an exercise class, although this method is not recommended for persons who are not used to participating in particular activities.

The body should first be reminded of recreation, such as Hatha yoga or yoga for beginners, in order to help them. Fitness is something that is acquired with each new watch. The first results are visible at the end of the class, when the most difficult exercise comes: Savasana, or “position of the dead”. Although it may seem simple at first glance, because a man is just lying on a rug, the key is to relax completely. That is why it is said to be the most difficult and most important exercise.

Already here, the difference between the state of the organism at the beginning and at the end of the hour begins to be felt. But after a couple of regular visits, you will start to notice benefits such as relieving problems with the spine, insomnia, mobility, then increasing lung capacity and, of course, calming the mind, an increasingly serious problem nowadays.

How does yoga remove accumulated stress?

Quite simply, the accumulated stress in the body is ‘broken’ by the dynamics of exercises that include adjusting the breath and a series of positions, which leads to intense internal warming and sweating that purifies and detoxifies the body, or “removes” stress.

Why is Sun Salutation always an integral part of a yoga class?

Vinyasa Yoga

The secret of Sun Salutation is that the exercises are designed in the best possible way that allows all muscles and joints, ie the whole body, to warm up equally at the same time. Only then can he move to other positions. That is why it is important to come on time to the class to better prepare the body for what is coming and follow the instructions of the instructor. And of course, most of all, listen to your body, which means recognizing your limits and giving yourself time to move them.

The healing properties of proper breathing yoga pose

What principles of yoga can be applied in everyday life, in stressful situations that we encounter almost every day?

The ethical principles of yoga, also known as Yame, refer to the management of one’s own life, and through them, the individual essentially develops virtues. Yams are-Ahimsa or non-violence, Satya or truth, Asteya-non-theft, Brahmacharya or moderation, and Aparigraha, ie non-possession…

When it comes to the physical side of yoga, it is preferable to reach for the weapon of breath, i.e. breathing, when faced with ordinary stress.
When the breath accelerates uncontrollably as a result of bad circumstances, one approach is to concentrate on breathing and begin breathing through the diaphragm, just following the inhale and exhale until the tension subsides.
Decisions made at that time will be far more effective than those made now.

If you fear you won’t remember to slow down your breathing in a certain situation, it’s worth noting that Indians believe that each man is born with a specific number of breaths, which he consumes before leaving this planet.
This is typically an excellent cause to take a deeper breath.

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