Warrior III Pose

Yoga pose Warrior Pose III (Virabhadrasana III)

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Yoga Pose Warrior Pose III ( Virabhadrasana III ) is the third in a series of standing heroes and represents an intense continuation of Virabhadrasana I. As a position on one leg, it harmonizes the body and spirit, improves the sense of balance and concentration, and tightens and strengthens the whole body.

How to master Yoga Pose Warrior Pose III (Virabhadrasana III)

  • Stand in the Tadasana yoga pose .With the inhale, jump or stand in a gap that is 4–4.5 feet long.
  • Take the extreme position of Virabhadrasana I, facing the right leg.
  • On the exhale, bend and lower the torso forward and rest the chest on the right thigh.  Keep  hands straight, palms together, outstretched in front. Rest for 2-3 breath cycles.
  • With the exhale, we synchronously lift the left foot off the ground, leaning the body slightly forward and straightening the right leg. Fasten the right leg by pressing the right thigh back, and the heel into the ground. Turn the left leg inwards so that the front side of the foot is stretched and parallel to the ground. Both hooks aligned.
  • While balancing, keep the whole body as parallel to the ground as possible, while the right leg is vertical, stretched and stable. Distribute the weight of the body evenly over the entire surface of the right sole.
  • Stretch  arms and left leg as if someone is pulling us in opposite directions. Then raise head a little and look forward; do not put pressure on the back of the door.
  •  Stay in this position for 20 seconds -1 minute, breathing evenly and calmly.
  • On the exhale, lower the left foot, bend the right knee, and straighten the torso by raising the arms to the position of Virabhadrasane I.

Let’s repeat Yoga Pose Warrior Pose III ( Virabhadrasana III ) on the left side, balancing on the left leg.

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In this asana,  can vary the position of the arms:intertwine  fingers and stretch  index fingers (as in the picture),  extend arms to the side, like the wings of an airplane, which makes balancing easier, and we extend our arms back, along the torso, palms facing the ceiling.

Warrior Pose III

People photo created by yanalya – www.freepik.com

Benefits of  Warrior Pose III (Virabhadrasana III)

  • strengthens ankles and legs strengthens shoulders and back
  • muscles tones the abdomen
  • improves balance and posture, concentration
  • tightens and strengthens the whole body

Contraindications, warnings and precautions:

  • high blood pressure