Cat Cow pose (Bitilasana Marjaryasana)

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This is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable yoga exercises. As with many other positions, we have various variants; the famous “Yoga Journal” under the position of “Cat” gives only a variant that we present here as “exhale position” (back up) and with a return to the position of “table”
This magazine presents the variant we present as the “breath position” as the “cow” position (back down). In India, I have seen that it is most often done as a dynamic variant (inhale-back down, exhale-back up).

Cat Cow pose


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Step by step instruction

  • We start in the position of “table” or “on all fours”, as it is called.
  • Make sure your legs and arms are vertical.
  • The head is parallel to the floor and the view is fixed to the floor.
  • With the inhale, let your stomach fall down, your buttocks and chest up to the ceiling, your sciatic bones open and your head up.
  • Stay in that position for a few moments with full lungs (if you want a “static” variant, stay in that position breathing).
  • Then, with the exhale, push the back of the head forward, raise the back (like a cat when pulling) and lower the head.
  • Stay for a few moments in that extreme position, emptying your lungs (and this can be done statically by breathing in position).
  • Make transitions from one position to another-calmly, lightly, and consciously.
  • Repeat 10–20 times (or as much as you like: this position cannot be “exaggerated”:-))

Beginner’s advice

Cat Cow pose

People photo created by yanalya –
To assist engage your upper back, have a buddy lay their hands on it.

Start the movement from your tailbone and work your way up the spine, dropping your head last.
This might assist you in exploring the curvature in various areas of your back.

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Benefits of Cat Cow pose

It stretches the back, torso and neck
It massages the spine and abdominal organs
It calms and gives a feeling of “well-being”.

Contraindications, warnings and precautions:

In case of neck injury, keep the neck parallel to the floor

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