zojax yoga

zojax yoga

5 Dessert Smoothie Recipes

If you are not really a big fan of liquid meals, then maybe slightly thicker smoothie varieties could be the right choice for you. 1. Thick chocolate smoothie with avocado and chia seeds I haven’t eaten avocado in a while.…

Yoga Pose – Warrior II

Warrior II

The Warrior II – Virabhadrasana II yoga pose belongs to the standing Warrior yoga pose that have already been discussed. Warrior II represents a strong warrior who stands firmly on the ground with his thousand legs and has a thousand…

Yoga Poses for Anxiety and Depression

Depression includes a wide spectrum of mental health problems characterized by the absence of positive affect (loss of interest and satisfaction in usual activities and experiences), lowered mood, and the entire spectrum of associated emotional, cognitive, physical, and behavioral symptoms.…

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