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5 Best Orange Smoothies

Orange smoothie

Do you want try Orange smoothies? If there’s one reason I love winter, it’s because then I can enjoy this delicious fruit! Orange, like banana, is a common ingredient in healthy smoothies; especially on cold days when we do everything…

Yoga pose Gate Pose (Parighasana)

Yoga pose Gate Pose (Parighasana) work?

What muscles does Yoga pose Gate Pose Parighasana work? Yoga pose Gate Pose Parighasana allows you to gently balance with grounded knees and feet while the upper body and chest get more space. The goal is to stretch the muscles…

Best 5 green smoothie recipes

Detox green smoothie

Are super green smoothies good for you The answer is yes. A green smoothie offers unique health benefits. It is made from leafy vegetables, which are full of antioxidants and vitamins. A green smoothie satisfies and offers maximum nutrition. But…

Yoga Chair Pose (Utakasana)

chair yoga pose

What is Yoga Chair Pose – Utakasana good for? The chair yoga pose is good for the legs (hamstrings, hips, gluetes, calves), upper and lower back, and shoulders. Utakasana helps to lengthen the back and can improve the muscular core.…

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