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Yoga pose – Child’s Pose (Balasana )

Child’s Pose (Balasana )

What is Yoga pose-Child’s Pose(Balasana)? We’ve been taught that because of their naturalness, calm, and innocence, we often imitate animals in yoga. For children, the situation is very similar. They understand how to unwind and let go. We have a…

Corpse Yoga Pose (Savasana)

Why is corpse pose such a challenge? Contrary to what you may think, this Yoga pose is more challenging. It can be difficult to relax because of distractions brought on by the body. Your body may experience unease, heat, or…

Cobra pose (Bhujangasana)

What does Cobra Pose do? To prevent the negative effects of bending down your shoulders and slouching, try the cobra pose. The muscles that support your head and neck can be made stronger and the spine can be stretched. All…

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