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Yoga Poses for Anxiety and Depression

Yoga Poses for Anxiety and Depression

Depression includes a wide spectrum of mental health problems characterized by the absence of positive affect (loss of interest and satisfaction in usual activities and experiences), lowered mood, and the entire spectrum of associated emotional, cognitive, physical, and behavioral symptoms. The biological basis of depression is a disturbance in the balance of neurotransmitters, substances that …

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Heart Opening Yoga Flow

Opening of Heart Why we love Yoga for Heart opening ? The heart has always been considered the center of feelings and love. Recent research has shown that there are even more electrical impulses in the heart than in the brain, as previously thought. This emphasizes the importance not only of the “physical” heart but …

38 health benefits of yoga

38 Health Benefits of Yoga

Here are motivation for practicing yoga. Read this health benefits of yoga. More flexible, stronger, calmer… Can you come up with 38 health benefits of practicing yoga? You will often hear that the most important thing in yoga is to decide to practice. Here is the real inspiration! 1. Yoga flexibility benefits A more flexible …